CSL/SEQIRUS – Direct – Flu Vaccines

Manufacturer direct flu contract.  Orders are placed via the online Seqirus customer portal and distributed by Seqirus.  Guaranteed delivery dates and discounts provided for all pre-book orders.  See 2023-2024 Flu Summary for Order Instructions and details.  ONLINE:  Top right corner, click “Log In” If you have placed on order on flu360 before of “Create … Read more

FFF ENTERPRISES, INC. – Vaccines – Flu Vaccines

FFF Enterprises, Inc. is the nation’s most trusted distributor of flu vaccines, plasma products, biosimilars and specialty pharmaceuticals.  Our partners include all manufacturers of influenza vaccines, over 80 percent of U.S. Hospitals and the nation’s leading non-acute GPC members.  FFF Enterprises is committed to improving and stabilizing the supply of specialty pharmaceuticals through our Guaranteed … Read more


Injectables, DME, Flu Vaccine, Pre-Book Flu Program Contact:  Scott Thomas, Senior Manager PO Box 9 Bastian, VA 24314 Phone:  800.366.3829                                 Fax:  800.869.8895 Email:    Website: